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Top 10 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Are Cute

Guinea pigs have been populating the bedrooms of children and adults worldwide for quite some time. Why are Guinea Pigs so cute compared to other comparable small mammal pets?

In this article, we’ll look at the ten reasons Guinea Pigs are so cute, liberating themselves from the poor reputation of being under a “rodent” category.

Let’s get started!

1. Guinea Pigs Are Gentle

guinea pig being kissed by a kid

You typically don’t know what they think when it comes to rodents. They can sometimes become nippy or even aggressive, depending on the type. The same isn’t true with Guinea Pigs.

They are typically laid back and gentler, which is one reason why they have been a popular choice of pet for children.

2. They’re Small & Cute

guinea pigs on the lawn

Anything smaller seems to be perceived as cuter. Hence the existence of any toy dog breeds and most designer breeds.

Guinea Pigs are larger than their other rodent counterparts but are much smaller than most breeds of bunny, which also fall under the “small pets” category. Smaller means cuter in the eyes of most people.

3. Chubby Cheeks

guinea pig close up photo

Like the bunny rabbit, the Guinea Pig enjoys a facial structure that has big, chubby cheeks. These cheeks give the animal a teddy bear appearance (or at least a stuffed animal-looking face) and, without a doubt, add to the overall cuteness of the animal.

4. They Are Affectionate

guinea pig with owner close up photo

Being an affectionate animal can cover a multitude of visual sins. Even an affectionate reptile can begin to appear cute due to their behavior rather than depending on their looks.

Guinea Pigs are cute mammals who are affectionate, recognize when they are receiving affection, and are often willing to reciprocate affection.

5. Different Breeds Appeal To Different People

guinea pigs eating hay

To date, there are 13 widely recognized species of Guinea Pigs. They are:

  • American Satin
  • White-Crested
  • Abyssinian
  • Peruvian Satin
  • Silkie
  • Teddy
  • Abyssinian Satin
  • Silkie Satin
  • Teddy Satin
  • Texel, Coronet
  • American

Because of the variety of appearances, coat colors, and lengths that differ from species to species, there is a greater chance of appealing to more people.

6. They’re Easy To Keep

guinea pig in his homeGuinea Pigs are in a comfortable spot relating to care and upkeep. They need a bit more attention than a hamster or mouse but fewer requirements than a rabbit and far fewer than a cat.

Their ease of keeping is another reason this is an excellent pet for children. A Guinea Pig is in the sweet spot when it comes to keeping, where it’s not too easy (or easily forgettable), nor they are difficult to feed, clean up after, groom, etc.

7. They Recognize Their Names

guinea pig on a girl's lap

People who have never had a Guinea Pig might be surprised to discover how intelligent these critters can be.

Though they will not reach the intelligence of larger pets such as cats or dogs, they are smart enough to learn their names and can eventually understand short one-word commands.

8. Guinea Pigs Purr

guinea pig on the lawn eating grass

Did you know that Guinea Pigs can purr? They sure can! Purring is most often attributed to cats, which lets us know whether or not they’re happy, calm, and content.

Guinea Pigs purr for many of the same reasons, which, if nothing else, adds to their cuteness. But they will also make a similar noise but in quick spurts, if they are startled or feel threatened. Their body language will help to determine what their particular purr types mean.

9. They Have Different Personalities

guinea pig in the middle of yellow flowers

This trait is often associated with larger animals like cats and dogs. However, Guinea Pigs each have their personalities and their strengths and weaknesses.

Being small pets who aren’t overly animated, their personalities are often noticed easily by their direct owners. Due to the difference in personality, people who own multiple Guinea Pigs can tell the difference between two who look identical.

10. They Enjoy Time With Owners

guinea pig with its girl owner

Guinea Pigs are always willing to spend time with their owners for several reasons. First, it is something else to do other than hang out in their routine dwelling.

Second, they love those who love them. They are loving creatures by nature and will show affection to owners through cuddling and other forms of trust.

What are Cute Names For Guinea Pigs?

guinea pig with names

What to name your Guinea Pig? Sometimes a name comes within a few moments after selecting a Guinea Pig, perhaps due to a specific characteristic or color pattern.

But what are some good names if nothing happens to come to mind? Here are some popular suggestions.

Girl Names

  • Cleo
  • Blossom
  • Cinnamon
  • Daisy
  • Patches
  • Fluffy
  • Eevie
  • Fluffernutter
  • Marshmallow
  • Peaches

Boy names

  • Badger
  • Charlie/Charlie Brown
  • Doc
  • Gizmo
  • Leonard
  • Nutmeg
  • Rusty
  • Sonic
  • Spud
  • Wheatley

Final Thoughts

cute guinea pig

There are many reasons why Guinea Pigs are cute in the eyes of owners compared to other small animals.

They’re easy to take care of, they’re small, fuzzy, intelligent, cuddly, affectionate, gentle temperament, willing to spend time with owners, different personalities, and they even purr similarly to a cat.

Why Guinea Pigs are cute can vary from person to person, but there will always be reasons. In other words, people who don’t think that these critters are cute are very few and far between.

Their cuteness has helped them remain by the sides of owners everywhere and has warmed the hearts of many a child who brought them up as their first-time pets.

Related Questions:

1. Are Adorable Guinea Pigs Cuddly?

Guinea Pigs can be much more cuddly than other rodent pets,  They are much more intelligent to understand the affection being given to them. They are also sweet-tempered enough to reciprocate it back in their unique way. Often, it’s in the form of being cuddly.

2. What Is The Cutest Guinea Pig In the World?

Of course, this is a question where people will agree or disagree, as who is the cutest would be an opinion differing from one person to the next. The furrier, the Guinea Pigs, are often the cuter they’re considered.

In this case, the furriest Guinea Pig is the Silkie. They are long-haired and among the few Guinea Pig breeds that require regular brushing.

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