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Are there any domestic animals or pets that you’d like to get to know better? Here at the website, you’ll find questions with answers about the following:

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Not only will you find a variety of animals to learn about, but you’ll also learn the differences between each of these topics. This will make sure that you’ll more easily find the kind of animal you’re looking for.

If you’re already familiar with the differences between domestic pets, exotic pets, farm animals, and wildlife, then go ahead and click one of the links above to go to the right section.

If you’re unsure about where the animal you’re interested in is categorized, fear not.

We’re going to take the time on this page to help you figure it all out. The way we’ll do it is to take a closer look at each category, and discuss the differences between each of them, including what kind of animals should reside in each topic or section.

What Are Domestic Pets?

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A domestic pet is quite literally, a domesticated breed of pet. A pet that thrives in an indoor setting with its owners. There are a handful of staple indoor pets that are normal to everyone:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Horses
  • Birds

These are what’s expected, or is the mental image, when one is referring to a domestic pet. However, there is a difference between a simple domestic pet and a domesticated breed.

Someone can take a wild animal and raise it as domesticated, but it takes generations to ween the wild out of an animal. So, when one is talking about domestic pets, it’s not a term referring to any singular animal that’s been domesticated.

For example, someone might take in a lion cub and raise it as domesticated. First off, this typically never ends well. Secondly, just because one has been domesticated doesn’t mean that lions are now to be considered a domesticated breed.

Domestic Pets Will Be Our Bulk

Due to the many questions that people have about their pets, this section will be far more extensive than others.

Let’s face it, if people want to know about wild animals, they’re looking for a more general overview of the animal, with perhaps a few particulars. People with pets, on the other hand, will be looking to this ultimate animal resource site for answers concerning any number of particulars, compounded by the many breed types out there between dogs and cats.

What Are Exotic Pets?

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The lazy answer is- An exotic pet is usually any owned pet that isn’t a dog, cat, livestock, or an inexpensive bird. The definition of “exotic” in the realm of pets changes from country to country worldwide.

Because of the term being subject to differences from border to border, it’s a relatively difficult task to give a clear definition of what an exotic pet is.

When someone gets in trouble of owning an animal that they’re not supposed to own due to the laws of a country, the “ownership of an illegal exotic pet” (or something to that effect) will be somewhere in the charge.

In the United States, legal exotic pets could be:

  • Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Fish
  • Certain Bird Types
  • Rodents- Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Mice, Rats, etc.
  • Pot Bellied Pigs
  • Some types of Primates

What Are Farm Animals?

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Initially, the category “farm animals” included and was limited to any animal that is found on a farm. Makes sense, right? Well, it does until the lines get a little blurry between pet and livestock.

Take the horse for example. According to the ASPCA, horses are no longer considered “farm animals” but rather a “companion animal” or a pet. So, to remove confusion, farm animals are those that are kept on a farm for agricultural purposes, such as meat, milk, wool, leather, or to perform laborious tasks.

Some examples of farm animals are:

  • Cattle
  • Chickens
  • Turkeys
  • Goats
  • Sheep
  • Pigs
  • Mules and Donkeys

What Is Wildlife?

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Wildlife is a blanket term used for all undomesticated animals that live out in the wild, but it actually means a bit more than that.

Wildlife is all-encompassing and is not bound only to animals. Flora and Fauna growing without any form of assistance from humans are also included in the term. But this is the Ultimate Animal Resource Site, an animal-based site, so we only care about the animal side of the term here.

A picture-perfect example of wildlife would be all that the eye can see when you go out for a walk deep into the woods. You’ll see all of the plants and trees, woodland creatures running around all over the place, and several kinds of birds or insects zipping around.

What Do We Consider “Other Animals?”

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The “Other Animals” category is a catchall here on the site. What this means, is that some animals might be out there that don’t fit into any of the aforementioned categories. Or, perhaps they’d fit into all of them.

There are a few animals that come to mind concerning those who don’t fit in as a pet, livestock, or wild animal. There are whole colonies of different species of monkey that are not kept as pets, they’re not used for any agricultural purposes, but they live in cities amongst humans. No pets, not used, and not exactly wild- perfect for the “other” category.

Time To Browse Our Animal Database

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So, there you have it. This is how will be proceeding with the categorization of these animals. Now that you know where to start looking into whichever animal you’re interested in, feel free to start poking around!

I tackle topics over animals as they come, and am always hoping for some feedback. If you have any questions about animals that you don’t already see addressed, send me an email so I can get them included in my ultimate animal resource site database and available on the site.