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Princessthebulldog.com Website Story

Princess the Bulldog has been waiting over 980 days for a home. It’s not that her rescuers haven’t tried to find her one.  But she’s experienced over two and a half years moving through temporary foster homes and failed adoptions and life in a kennel.

Princess currently resides at a boarding facility, where she is doted on by volunteers and rescuers who make sure she is walked, gets playtime, and lots of attention.

But the 8-year-old dog is showing signs of depression, no doubt because she still hasn’t found a family to love her enough to keep her.

Back in January 2013, her family of 6 years handed her over to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control in Phoenix, Arizona. They were moving and did not want to take her with them.

Because of her age (Princess was roughly 6 years old at the time) and her breed, Princess quickly found herself on the kill-list. Luckily for her, Elena Bobu, who works with Rescue Pals, noticed her and came and rescued her.



princess the bulldog 4 pictures in a cage

My name is Princess. It is the name my family of six years gave me, and I held on to despite them leaving me behind when they moved.

In January 2013, I was abandoned by my family at the West County Shelter in Phoenix, Arizona. It is a terrifying place. I didn’t know what was happening, where my parents were and what I was doing in this small cage surrounded by terrified dogs, barking in despair.

I soon realized I would not see my parents again, that I was just as desperate as the others. So I became very sad and afraid, I didn’t test very well at the assessment, and I immediately landed on the Elist, which means I would be euthanized the following day.

I stood there and waited for my turn. But the sun rose, and I saw many desperate dogs taken one by one never to come back. Some were terrified and tried everything, crying, begging, cowering to the ground. Others wrongfully thought they were finally getting saved and walked away happy and excited.

But as daylight settled in, I got a bowl of food. Could this be I was spared?

As the day went by, many new dogs came in. Very few left with new families. I remained in my cage, and nobody seemed to notice me. It was like I had become invisible, just like in the pretend games I played with my human siblings growing up.

Somehow I knew this was the wrong time to have this superpower. I had lost all hope. I couldn’t understand what I had done. Was it the begging at the table, the snoring? I should have been a better dog…

Suddenly someone stopped in front of my cage, opened the door, and reached in. I was brought into the lobby the way I had come in. The woman who took me out of my cage said to this younger woman with black hair and a baseball hat: “Be careful. She doesn’t like people.” I was like, What??? I Love people.

The black hair lady was Elena, the impulsive irresponsible person who saw my sad face on Facebook the night before, and she couldn’t let me go. So she came and rescued me.

It has since been over two and a half years of temporary foster homes, failed adoptions but mainly spending my days in a kennel at a charming local boarding facility in Fountain Hills, Arizona. I have to say I have never, “Like Ever!” been this loved.

You see, Pals Inn has a group of volunteers who come over several times per week and walk me and my rescue cohort. They love on us, they give us toys, treats and have I mentioned lots and lots of attention. I love everybody very much, but how come I can’t find a family to love me enough to adopt and keep me?

I am starting to think it is never going to happen. Is it because I am old? Is it because I look tough? Is it because I am a bulldog? Is it because I am invisible? Please tell me, because I have been waiting for 980 days and I want to go home.

About Me

princess the bulldog sleeping in a dog bed


What exactly and how much of it we don’t know, and honestly, I am a little nervous about taking a dog DNA test only to find out I am Greyhound and Belgian Malinois mix. Like most dogs these days, I am a mixed breed. I know for a fact I’m no sprinter and no watchdog or people stopper. I am a laid back lazy people lover. So DNA testing is not the answer.

My fan club here at Pals Inn says I have a bulldog’s temperament, personality, and body. After having done some serious research on YouTube, I agree.

I am a medium-sized approx 50 lbs stubby dog. I am short and slightly stocky. My fur is light orange-brown and super soft. It feels like velvet. I have a medium-sized blockhead with lots of chins, a somewhat slanted nose, a super cute overbite, and plenty of lower lip. My chest is somehow broad, and my booty is always wiggly.


I am about eight years old, and although my muzzle is getting whiter and whiter, I am still a puppy at heart.


I am super sweet. I love people more than life itself. I am very friendly, and I do great with people of all ages. I love human attention and interaction, am very eager to please and have a silly personality. I am intelligent and obedient, although I can sometimes be stubborn and figure out creative ways to get out of things I don’t want to do.

My all-time favorite thing to do is give kisses and cuddle. I often use this on the humans as a method to get them to do as I please. I think they’re starting to catch on because it’s not working as well as it used to.


I am a couch potato. I would do anything for food, and food is just great! I get spurs of energy, and I get super excited when it’s time to walk or play in the yard, when I get visitors, and most importantly, when it’s mealtime. I LOOOOOOVE food.

Other than that, I love to lounge around on my bed, nap, and (don’t tell anyone about this, it makes me look like a big baby) suck on my favorite blanket, which now has a lot of holes in it, but I still carry it around and nurse on it.

I enjoy toys very much. Most of them I shred to pieces in seconds; others I cherish like my babies. At playtime, I do the fetch game only halfway. I don’t ever bring the toy back, only because the humans always fall for this trick, and I get them to play tug of war. I’m pretty strong. I also like to play in the water. I love to be sprayed with the hose, especially when it’s hot outside. I am not entirely sure I can swim, though. Then just like any hottie, I find a sunny spot and take a nap.

When it comes to napping, I am a pro. The secret is to persevere in your napping skill, which I take very seriously. There is a chance; I am not saying it happens all the time, that I snore like a baby bear. I am not admitting to anything. I’m just throwing it out there.

As a non-fitness fanatic, my energy and activity level is moderate. I don’t require long grueling walks. Daily 15 min walks are a great way to keep me in the perfect shape, but anything above that, there is a chance I will roll upside down belly up and refuse to budge.

princess the bulldog licking Elena Bobu

Elena here: Yes, it has! So you will have to carry me home while I lick your nose with a happy and guilty grin on my face. I am not saying this ever happened, but…! Princess: guilty smile and booty wiggle.


I am crate trained, although I would prefer not to be crated simply because I am trustworthy, I am not destructive, and I don’t want to spend another second in a cage. I’ve spent the last couple of years in one, and I want to be free.


Despite my age, I am a very healthy girl. I have some mild arthritis in my front left paw, managed with baby Aspirin and Glucosamine. Sometimes I get allergies, but really, who doesn’t live in Arizona. Baby Benadryl does the trick very fast.

Other Pets

Currently, the majority opinion is that I should be the only pet. A few of my fans who know me best think I would potentially work well with another low-energy mellow nondominant male dog. Also, I am showing motherly instincts, so introducing me to a very young puppy I could raise as my own would be a viable possibility.

My Ideal Home

Although I am not picky, I would really like my new home to be my forever home. I prefer someone who understands rescue dogs, my story, my personality, and most importantly, someone who is committed.

I prefer a home with a yard, a family with older kids who can treat me like a dog and not a riding pony or a pinata. I want a quiet, balanced home with plenty of doggie beds and pillows. I would love a family who likes to laugh a lot because this is what I bring to the plate, lots of laughter and smiles.

Why Do I Have a Website?

After more than two and a half years of being in rescue with no solid chances of ever finding a forever home, Elena decided to try something completely different to get me as much exposure as possible, to bring my story to the worldwide web and dig as deeply as possible for my home I have been waiting for such a long time.

So she took many classes on web design and social media marketing, and now she is using what she learned to find my home. On that note, thank you for checking out my website, reading my story, checking out my video on YouTube, my photos and posts on Social Media. Every single visitor, every single share, gets me closer to my family.


What Others Say

“Princess is like a really smart toddler. She is hilarious, surprising, adorable! She makes for a great antidepressant and a highly effective make up remover when you least need it. I won’t mention the snoring though. Shhhht. ” Elena (Rescuer)

“Princess is gentle, playful, loves kids, loves to sunbathe. She loves to lick your whole face, to love and cuddle. Not one bad thing about her. Love her!” Corey (Pals Inn)

“She is such a lover.” Christine (Rescue Pals Director)

“Princess is a very nice and friendly dog. I only met her once for a photo shoot and she did very well. It’s very sad she still does not have a home.” Claudio (Progressive Photography)

“Princess was very obedient, sweet and patient with my two little girls. Even though we had to bring her back because the kids were too rough with her, she was always very patient and tolerant, she never got irritated with them although they pestered her.” Previous Adopter

“Princess sometimes wants to take one of her toys with her on the walk. So we have a little conference about it, she with her mouth clamped tightly to the toy, me with my hand also tightly clamped to it. Sometimes a treat is introduced to convince her to turn the toy loose. She then prances out for her walk. She works well on a leash and follows commands well. Sometimes Princess is the one to call for a conference. She suddenly sits and looks up with those big eyes and tries to silently make her point about some issue. When she sees that you don’t agree, she pops up and continues her walk as if nothing ever happened” Bill (Pals Inn)

“Princess is delightful and to know her is to love her. She is a bit of a diva but she also lives to please…Playful and full of fun, she also loves to soak up a good snuggle and understands the value of a good solid nap. My kind of dog!” Christine (Pause Image Rescue Photography)


Happy Ending

princessthebulldog.com website story happy ending picture

Princess was adopted in December 2015 by a wonderful couple, who wish to remain anonymous. However, they regularly share pupdates with Elena. And on their 1 year anniversary of going to live with her new mom and dad, Princess’ parents shared this update:

“I think if I could express anything on this one-year adopt-i-versary it would be…. Princess, we can’t begin to express how much joy and love you have brought into our lives.

“You came to us at a time when our hearts were sad and empty and you filled that void the way only you could. We knew the minute you arrived for your ‘trial visit’ that you were exactly where you were meant to be. With us. As a part of our family. You are our happy, wacky little butter bean and we couldn’t love you more!

“We want to give our most heartfelt thanks to everyone who had a hand in us finding each other. We couldn’t be more grateful!”

How wonderful is that? I’m so happy Princess got her happy ending!


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